We believe in...


Service is a key component of our promise to our dealers. We set high expectations in our ability to deliver with confidence and competence the products, programs, and packages in our portfolio.


Keeping our existing dealers healthy is critical to the long-term success of our business, and we are committed to listening, understanding, learning, measuring, improving, and investing in them.


We are strong supporters of collaboration, using combined strength to gain positive win-win results that are better and more productive than either partner could gain alone.


In a marketplace where it is hard to be differentiated, we recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of our dealers, celebrating their achievements and supporting their ambitions.


We work at developing a greater understanding of the deepest needs of our dealers by building trusted relationships, gaining insight, and creating the best solutions that assist and support them through positive and constructive change.


Guided by the highest standards of ethics and honesty, we live by our word, abide by all laws, and place priority on safety and the environment.

  • 42+ years of service
  • 1000+ product skus
  • 15 manufacturers
  • 500+ dealer locations

Our Story

Since AgResource began in 1974, we have been driven to ensure that independent dealers in Canada will continue to be the leaders in the industry by enabling them to compete, thrive, and succeed. We invest in strengthening our dealers in the areas that matter most to them, working alongside them through innovative programs and initiatives created to support them in their businesses.

We have always believed that independent dealers are the strength of this industry, and we have worked tirelessly to help them succeed in their markets.

We were the first wholesale distributor to support independent dealers with:

  • inventory protection;
  • canola seed sales training;
  • third-party financing tools;
  • business coaching and solutions

At AgResource, we understand how challenging it is for entrepreneurs to establish, build, and sustain a strong viable business. The investment in time, mind space, capital, and relationships can be all-consuming. We realize that in these challenging and often stressful times, dealers want to work with a company that is more than just a distributor. They want a trusted partner, advisor, supporter, and long-term friend.

Our services are designed to support dealers in the rural areas where they work and live, often delivering customized programs that are unique to their businesses and trading area. We strive to support our dealers as they work to improve employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction, while also working to increase customer satisfaction. As the first business solutions company in our industry to support individual dealer needs through customized programs, our ambition is to set the standard for program quality and effectiveness.

Our future depends on the health and success of independent dealers, and we are passionate about helping them to win!